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The secret of pronouncing Om

The secret of pronouncing Om

Om has compulsion to write Om, otherwise it is Om only. Now you think how to pronounce it? This symbol of Om 'Om' is wonderful. It is the symbol of the entire universe. Many Akash Ganges are spread like this. Brahma means expansion, expansion and spread. More than 100 meanings of Omkar sound have been given. It symbolizes the state of eternal and infinite and Nirvana.

Einstein has also gone on to say that the universe is expanding. Lord Mahavir had said this before Einstein. It is mentioned in the Vedas before Mahavira. Mahavir did not say this after reading the Vedas, he said after going into the bottomless depths of meditation.



Om is called Om. In that also there is more emphasis on 'O' while speaking. It is also called Pranav Mantra. This is the √ mantra, all else is ×. This mantra has a beginning, not an end. It is the eternal sound of the universe. Anahat means no sound produced by any kind of collision or combination of two things or hands. It is also called Anahad. It continues unceasingly throughout the universe.

Ascetics and meditators, when in a deep state of meditation, heard that there is such a sound which is continuously heard both inside and outside the body. Everywhere, the same sound continues continuously and by listening to it the mind and soul feel at peace, so they named that sound as Om.

Ordinary man cannot hear that sound, but whoever keeps on chanting Om, positive energy starts developing around him. Still, to hear that sound, it is necessary to be completely silent and in meditation. Whoever starts listening to that sound starts connecting directly with the divine. The simple way to connect with the divine is to keep chanting Om.
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* Symbol of Tridev and Trelokya:
The word Om is made up of three sounds – A, U, M. The meaning of these three sounds also comes in the Upanishads. It is also the symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and it is the symbol of Bhu:loka, Bhuva:loka and Swarga people.

Drive away disease: Monosyllabic mantras also have special importance in Tantra Yoga. Each word of Devanagari script has been given the form of a mantra by applying Anuswar. For example, Kan, Khan, Gam, Ghan etc. Similarly, Shree, Kleen, Hreen, Hoon, Phat etc. are also counted in monosyllabic mantras.

The pronunciation of all mantras is possible by the combined effect of the air coming out of the tongue, lips, palate, teeth, throat and lungs. The sound emanating from it hits all the chakras and hormone secreting glands of the body. Diseases can be driven away by controlling the secretion of these glands.

Method of pronunciation: Wake up early in the morning and become pure and pronounce Omkar sound. Om can be pronounced while sitting in Padmasan, Ardhapadmasan, Sukhasan, Vajrasan. You can pronounce it 5, 7, 10, 21 times according to your time. Om can speak loudly, can speak slowly. Om chanting can also be done with rosary.

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* Its benefits: This will help in concentrating the body and mind. Heart beat and blood circulation will be organized. This cures mental diseases. The power to work increases. Both the one who pronounces it and the one who hears it are benefited. Purity is taken care of in its pronunciation.

Fluctuations of impulses in the body:
At the sound of pleasant or unpleasant words, both the hearer and the speaker feel impulses of joy, sadness, anger, hatred, fear and libido. Feelings of lust, anger, attachment, fear, greed etc. generated in the brain by the sound emanating from unpleasant words make the heart beat faster, due to which 'toxic' substances start being produced in the blood. Similarly, the sound of dear and auspicious words showers blissful chemicals like nectar on the brain, heart and blood.



What happens if you chant Om every day?
Om is an extraordinary device for showing positive things in your day to day existence. Chanting Om calms your mind and helps bring positive energy to your body. You have some control over your outrage by reciting Om consistently.
Why 108 times AUM?
According to Ayurveda, there are 108 marma bindus (vital points of life force) in our body. So, that is why all mantras are chanted 108 times because each mantra represents the journey from our physical self to our highest spiritual self. Each serenade is accepted to carry you 1 unit nearer to our Ruler.
Can we chant Om silently?
Chanting this sound can help bring peace and tranquility to the body, mind and soul. Consider taking a time each day to meditate. Chant Om aloud or silently. Quiet reciting is viewed as the best technique since it doesn't rely upon the outside (voicebox, facial muscles or lips).


The secret
The secret



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