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Hotel Vastu

Hotel Vastu

Hotel Vastu: East is the auspicious direction for setting up hotels like restaurants, restaurants, restaurants or commercial buildings, so one should try to apply Vastu rules.

Different principles of Inn Vastu are as per the following. Drawing Room Vastu, Puja Room Vastu, Living Room Vastu, Bedroom Vastu, Kitchen Vastu, Bathroom Vastu etc.

Important Tips of Hotel Vastu:

According to Vastu, the land for building a hotel or restaurant should be rectangular or square. The water fountain should be in the north-east direction. The building constructed according to Hotel Vastu should be the most advanced and highest in the south-east corner.

It is very good if the slope of the water is towards north-east. The main entrance of the hotel should be east, north or north east. The main door should never be in south direction. Always keep the hair comb in north direction.

According to Hotel Vaastu kitchen should be built in south-east corner for cooking. It is very beneficial if the kitchen slab faces southeast and the cooking faces east. Refreshment planet or hotel balcony should always be placed in north or east direction.

Always use south and west or southwest direction for keeping or storing food items. Do toilet and bath in northwest direction. Air conditioner should be placed in west direction. Hotel Vastu electricity, generator, transformer should be placed in south-east direction. The wash basin should be placed in the west direction.

Swimming pools, ponds etc. should be constructed in North, East or North East direction according to Hotel Vastu. When making a double bed in a hotel, always make it with the support of the west or south wall. As per Hotel Vastu, try to keep North-East area empty or make a reception room there, hotel should not make rooms in North-East area.

A balcony can be made on this side. If you want to have a party room or conference room in a big hotel, the northwest direction is best. Use the north-east area of the hotel as a balcony and the west-south side can be made into a residence, where visitors can stay.

According to Hotel Vastu, free space should be kept around the main building. More space should be kept open in the north east region than in the west south region. The heavy goods store should be in the southwest corner of the hotel. According to Vastu, the north-east corner of the building should be more open.

It is very beneficial if there are water sources like small tree beds, waterfalls, fountains etc. in the North East part of Hotel Vastu. Large trees in south and west direction are considered very auspicious. Guest rooms should always face North-West "West corner", head of these rooms should be towards South. According to Vastu rules, TV and music system should be placed in the south-east corner of the hotel room.

Parking facility should be east, north, north or west side as per hotel Vastu. An administrative office in the east is considered auspicious. According to Hotel Vastu, it is auspicious to have the office of the owner and manager in the south-west part. Music theme lighting in hotels, fountains should be north or north facing, so that maximum positive energy is transmitted, everyone is happy.

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